Four days of visit in order to touch with hand the difficulties in the diffusion in the Mediterranean of the alternative fuels, above all of the liquified natural gas, hypothesizing a logistics of supplying and the distribution.

The attachés of seven Mediterranean countries – Italy, France, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Malta and Greece – have chosen to meet in Southern Italy for a technical visit between Naples and Sicily organized by the CS Mare Foundation.

Southern Italy is now at the forefront of alternative fuels.

— President of Foundation Cs Mare, Evelin Zubin.

Saturday, June 8, the diplomats visited the IMAT training center of Castel Volturno, in Naples, where they attended a demonstration of the simulator of bridges and engines of ships fuelled with gas, then to discuss the actions to be put in place to train the new professionals of green mobility, with specific skills in the management of alternative fuels, and the impact of their spread on employment and territory.

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