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The refresh BASIC TRAINING has the scope to update the competences of base for the boarding of every marine, has a duration of at least 2 days (16 hours), during which the exercises of the basic courses are carried out, between which:


During the 8-hour update, the students will follow the following program:

Wear a life jacket;Wear and use a diving suit;Safely jump into the water from a height not less than 3 meters;Straighten a raft upside down by wearing the life jacket;Swimming wearing the life jacket;Keep afloat without the aid of the life jacket;Get aboard a lifeboat from the ship and the water wearing the life jacketEquipment, means of survival and their use to increase the probability of survivalUse of a lifeboat anchorUse of lifesaving equipmentUse of tracking devices ( SART, EPIRB) for demonstration purposes.


The refresher training of the basic fire-fighting system, lasting 8 hours, aims to update the following competences:

Minimise the risk of fire and maintain a state of readiness to respond to emergency fire situations.Fight and put out the fire.

The following requirement is required to access the refresh:

  • hold valid basic training certificates.




The courses are weekly organized except the second, third week of August and the Christmas holiday season. In addition, courses are organized on request through private or corporate bookings.

Call the number 081-5099303

Send a mail to info@imat2006.it 

or fill out the form below for further information.

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