IMAT is authorized to carry out all the STCW courses necessary for the boarding on every type of ship. We develop key skills and competences for the modern maritime industry.


We believe that Life Long Learning is a guarantee of success and quality in the maritime sector,
so we offer our students constant refresher opportunities.


The variety and quality of the services offered make IMAT competitive in the world educational panorama. We offer recreational and educational facilities, facing the sea.


Area s.m.





The only floating platform on a private lake in Europe
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New courses Ecdis

We are the only ones who offer courses for every type of ECDIS available

IMAT, the best side of training

IMAT (Italian Maritime Academy Technologies) was founded in 2005. Since 2013, after an intense and radical restructuring phase, it has had its headquarters in the former Pinetamare

First real training course

Rsearch for innovative teaching methods in training centres for seafarers is becoming increasingly important. In this new point of view of Real-training course the course was born

Visit of Undersecretary Gaetti at the IMAT “symbol of rebirth and excellence of our country”

“Among the various symbols of the rebirth of the City of Castel volturno, I will visit the training center IMAT (Italian maritime academy techonologies) become a point of reference for all Europe; “

Port&Shipping Tech of Genova

Fabrizio Monticelli CEO of IMAT, offers an important thought in order to improve the training system and support the entire maritime cluster

Which logistics for the LNG? 7 attaché visit Southern Italy

Delegates from Italy, France, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Malta and Greece went to the IMAT castelvolturno centre and traveled from Messina on board the gas ferry to Caronte & Tourist

Imat and cardarelli together for a high maritime training course on first aid

First Aid and Medical Care and refresher courses are held at the Castel volturno of the IMAT.

More than 300 people at the meditelegraph forum

Genova – More than 300 people in room for the fourth edition of the forum shipowners & shipbuilders organized from meditelegraph and TTM, the reference newspapers of the shipping.

Vos Genoa meetig in IMAT

As in previous years, VOS Genoa organised an Officers’ Dialogue at the end of May. The event, attended by both Senior and Junior Officers, took place at the IMAT (Italian Maritime Academy Technologies) Training Centre in Castel Volturno.

Expertise and competitiveness at IMAT

Journey in the maritime academy maritime academy technologies (IMAT) of Castelvolturno in Naples. An international incubator of didactic excellence that every year turns out 15 thousand seafarers

OPEN DAY Università degli Studi di Napoli “Parthenope”

Genova – More than 300 people in room for the fourth edition of the forum shipowners & shipbuilders organized from meditelegraph and TTM, the reference newspapers of the shipping.

IMAT for global forum LNG of Milan

The Italian Academy of Castel Volturno will be present on 19 and 20 February at the Global Forum LNG in Milan.

IMAT for Next Maritime : education day.

Round table – “The voices of the protagonists: how to complement the needs of enterprises and the content of training?”

Neapolitan tugs the pride of a restart of the whole cluster

Interview with Gianni De Domenico by Cinzia Garofoli.
You can read the article in “La Gazzetta Maritime”.

IMAT-Naples Shipping Week

IMAT is present the day 27 and 28 October to the third edition of the naples Shipping Week.


A ship of 75 metres for training
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