The IMAT training centre carries out SSO refresher courses, lasting 8 hours in one day. This course is established to update and deepen some topics related to ISPS CODE. The holders of the Certificate of Certificate of Certification for Security Officer of the ship may participate”issued by the Harbour office, and they are in the role of Commander or Ship Security Officer.

The refresh shall be carried out within 12 months prior to the renewal of the certificate.




COMPANY SECURITY OFFICER- PORT FACILITY OFFICER. The course is established for seafarers employed on board ships subject to the application of the International Code on the safety of ships and port facilities (ISPS Code), which is not assigned to security duties. The course has duration of 8 hours in a day, and allows a complete and exhaustive formation on all the relative problems to the ISPS Code part A and B with detail regarding the Responsibility of the Company and the ships.

The staff is prepared for :

-Recognition and detection of weapons.

-Dangerous substances and equipment.

-Recognition, on a non-discriminatory basis, of the characteristics and behavioural patterns of persons likely to pose a security threat; techniques used to circumvent security measures.

-Meaninngs and implications of the various safety levels.

-Knowledge of emergency procedures and plans.

Accessible to officers and anyone else working in the field




The courses are weekly organized except the second, third week of August and the Christmas holiday season. In addition, courses are organized on request through private or corporate bookings.

Call the number 081-5099303

Send a mail to info@imat2006.it 

or fill out the form below for further information.

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