Basic Training contains the necessary courses for the first embarkation, without which one cannot embark on a maritime career.

This course aims to provide seafarers with the basic safety training required before embarking on merchant and fishing vessels.

The basic courses have a total duration of 10 days (66 h ) and are divided into:


During the 18-hour 3-day course, students learn:

  • all potentially dangerous operations on board, structure of the ship, international law with greater attention to Marpol.
  • Directed to meet the mandatory minimum requirements for basic training of all embarked personnel in accordance with Section A-VI/1, paragraph 2.1.4 of the STCW Code. The course provides the skills, knowledge and skills of the practices listed in columns 1 and 2 of Table A-VI/1-4 of the same code


 During the 20-hour 3-day course, students shall be tested :

  • abandonment of the ship,
  • the overturning of the raft with a sail effect,
  • the recovery of shipwreck,
  • swimming tests with diving suits,
  • survival on survival craft,
  • the hypothermia.

The aim is to transmit survival techniques at sea.


The duration of the basic fire fighting course is 15 hours in 2 days , advanced 29 hours in 4 days

The basic/advanced fire-fighting course aims to convey fire-fighting techniques, the use of fire extinguishers, materials and fire-fighting equipment.

Crew are trained to deal with fires in open and enclosed spaces, as well as rescue and rescue of injured persons.

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The 8-hour 1-day course provide students basic information on how to correctly handle a medical emergency on board, providing seafarers with the skills required by STCW reg. VI/4 and Table A-VI/1-3.


The course of the duration of 5 hours in 1 day has the objective to train the marine staff assigned to security tasks.

The course provides the knowledge needed to fulfil the competences listed in column 1 of Table A-VI/6-2 of the STCW code number.

Enrolment in First or Second Class Seamen register.




The courses are weekly organized except the second, third week of August and the Christmas holiday season. In addition, courses are organized on request through private or corporate bookings.

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