It’s the training (both theoretical and practical) to the use of onboard communication systems, for all emergencies in all areas of the world. 
The course has a duration of about 18 days, at the end of which will be supported a preliminary exam at the IMAT center where will be issued a certificate necessary to access the final examination, which will be held at the “Ministry of Economic Development”Department for Communications, Division II“GMDSS”, via America n°201, 00100 – EUR – Rome.

The focus of the training is to provide a basic understanding of the background of marine communications including:

  • To understand a brief history of maritime communication
  • What is GMDSS – a safer approved method of communication control
  • Different types of marine communication equipment
  • To learn the practical use of VHF equipment
  • To learn the use of communication Pro-words and Phonetics

Requirement to participate  is:

-To be a Navigation Officer.




The courses are weekly organized except the second, third week of August and the Christmas holiday season. In addition, courses are organized on request through private or corporate bookings.

Call the number 081-5099303

Send a mail to info@imat2006.it 

or fill out the form below for further information.

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