IMAT is the first Academy in Italy for number of seafarers trained every year, it’s authorized :

  • by the Italian Ministry of Transport for all Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for seafarers (STCW) courses,
  • by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development for the Global Maritime distress Safety System courses,
  • by the Campania Region as a training agency,
  • by the Italian Ministry of Health in agreement with the Hospital Company Cardarelli, for medical care and first aid courses
  • by the Malta Government as an STCW training center,
  • by the Bahamas Government as an STCW training center,
  • by Panama Government as an STCW training center.

our history

How we became the first Italian center

The Italian Maritime Academy Technologies IMAT was born thanks to the intuition of the founder, Captain Rosario Trapanese, and the entrepreneurial vision of the family Cafiero-Mattioli, shipowners for more than two centuries. The desire to create a training center for seafarers suitable for the great Italian marine heritage finds its realization in 2006 with the opening of a new site and the first investment for the purchase of a modern simulator of navigation systems. The success is unstoppable and begins to grow enormously until the opening of actual nautical college offering classrooms, simulators, 165 hotel rooms, a restaurant, and all the hotel services.  The secret of its success 

is the constant research and innovation in the training field, which is revealed in a group of highly qualified instructors and the adoption of advanced technologies. The main strength of IMAT is to have created during the growth a team of professional instructors that ensure, thanks to perseverance and continuous updating, the best possible learning experience. Today IMAT can boast of a modern simulation complex composed of 3 advanced bridge simulators, 2 engine room simulators, beyond 258 linked workstations, 21 mini bridges, a large firefighting area with the reproduction of a real ship and the first platform for PSCRB training on a private lake.

Our numbers

What makes us the only ones

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Mission & Vision

We are driven by the desire to convey the fundamental values of an excellence “Safety Culture”. We believe that life long learning is synonymous of reliability and quality.


We aim to train seafarers following the international standards to improve safety in the world of the shipping. Thanks to the availability of advanced technologies, and knowledge gained by our trainers, we can offer a complete training of the crew, from the mandatory STCW courses to the  IMO recommended.


IMAT wants to establish a deep and reliable connection between the seafarers’ competences and the shipping world. Our challenge is to create an integrated ecosystem to unify the training process, collaborating with shipping companies, government authorities and international training centers.


We believe in “Safety Culture” dissemination, our aim is to provide excellent training to avoid maritime accidents through a continuous skills updating.


IMAT’s Team

The task force built by selecting professionals of the sea ready to transfer own competences and to increase the “safety culture”.

Our client

Trust us

Thanks to our team specialized in various sectors, we can offer assistance and training to all types of shipping companies.

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