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The crowd and crisis course is carried out in a special classroom in the imat Center and must be achieved by all the navigating staff that it intends to work on passenger ship.It is structured in 3 days, 24 hours (8 hours a day), at the end of which the student will take a ministerial exam that will confirm the participant’s knowledge about the course and, therefore, the management of the crowd, panic and fear.

The course has the purpose to provide appropriate instruction and training to the staff in service on passenger ships, with particular attention to:

  • Management of the crowd;
  • Direct assistance to passengers in the spaces dedicated to them;
  • Crisis management and human behaviour;
  • Passenger safety, cargo safety and hull integrity

We provide exercises to test existing crises response plans, exercise participants in using them and to highlight the need for an effective crises response organisation.

The course is mandatory for the masters, the officers, seaman AB and other staff in service on board of pssenger ships, Ro-Ro passengers, fast units from passengers and fast fleeting units Ro-Ro (HSC, DSC, hydrofoils) regardless of the navigation

To be registered in the register of seafarers




The courses are weekly organized except the second, third week of August and the Christmas holiday season. In addition, courses are organized on request through private or corporate bookings.

Call the number 081-5099303

Send a mail to info@imat2006.it 

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