Description  The transport of Dangerous Goods by sea causes potential problems primarily with respect to safety.

  • Serious accidents occurred over the years related to the transport of Dangerous Goods. Rules have been adopted to minimize the above accidents.
  • Provide a SAFE transport chain to protect the safety of those involved and the environment.
  • Dangerous Goods can be substances or articles:

e.g. gunpowder is a substance but if it is put into a firework it is an article; lithium is a substance but battery containing lithium is an article.  

The course will provide particular attention to compressed gases

No specific requirements needs

This course has been designed to meet the requirements of:

  • Resolution A.1050(27)adopted on 30/11/2011,
  • SOLAS Chapter III,Regulation 19 adopted on 21/06/2013, SOLAS CHAPTER XI-1 adopted on 01/01/2015,
  • Chapter 17 code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen, European Directive n.2017/164 adopted on 31/01/2017.




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