It took place on January 31, at the University of Trieste, on the initiative of Mare Technology cluster FVG, a regional workshop to deepen the state of the art of the training system in the maritime sector and updated with the needs of businesses.

Also, IMAT-Italian Maritime Academy Technologies was present to the free workshop, through the participation of Dr. Fabrizio Monticelli during the Round Table – “The voices of the protagonists: how to complement the needs of enterprises and the content of the training?”

Thanks to the participation of various experts in the public and private sector such as Ketty Segatti (Region FVG), Carlos Corvino (Region FVG), Gianni Fratte (Region FVG), Emanuela Fregonese (wärtsilä Italy), Valentino Paliaga (Serigi Engineering)Carlo Bavosi, Ilaria Garofolo (University of Trieste), Luca Bonora (Institute of Higher Education “E. Mattei” Latina)an opportunity to discuss the needs of companies and what strategies have been put in place so far to eliminate the gap between the world of training and the world of work.

The main questions addressed by the workshop participants are:

How to innovate the school and university paths of Friuli-Venezia Giulia to train professionals in the maritime field?

How to improve the dialogue between schools and companies?

What skills and professions are needed in the maritime sector today and in the future?

Next Maritime day has promoted numerous initiatives that involve the regional cluster of the marine technologies of the Friuli-Venice Julia in order to create the bases for a profitable I confront on the topic more and more current of the management of the competences in marine within.

Imat as the only centre in Italy authorised for all STCW courses and strong agreements and partnerships with leading companies in the sector has offered its point of view in line with the increasingly rapid changes of marine technologies


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