From Cadet Officer to the position of highly specialized Master, an eleven-year path realized through the collaboration IMAT – Vroom.
Castel Volturno, 17 September 2020.
Continuous training as a filter for the enhancement of the crews. Highly professionalized crew to ensure maximum competitiveness in shipping activities. Especially in those with higher specialization. This is the path undertaken for some years by IMAT and Vroon Offshore Services of Genoa, Italian sector of the Dutch group of the same name, witnessed by a special event. In the classrooms of the Centre of Castel Volturno has been completed, in fact, the assessment for the promotion to Master of Luigi Cuzzolino, the last stage of a path started eleven years ago, right in IMAT, starting from the role of deck cadet officer. A professional process all within the company, made of personal commitment and passion for the job, which will lead Cuzzolino, born in Pozzallo, thirty-two years ago, to be one of the youngest Master of the Vroon fleet. Confirmation of the positive results of a model of collaboration “training center – shipowner” that combines the advantages of loyalty, high technological investments, advanced teaching, constant development of skills.
“This is an event that makes us particularly proud and reinforces our conviction on the strategic choice made since the beginning of our activity” explains Fabrizio Monticelli, IMAT’s Sole Administrator. “The contracting of the companies guarantees an advantage to the whole system: it allows to maximize the great technological and didactic content of our offer by enhancing the seafarer as a resource of operational quality and competitiveness on the market for the shipowner. The continuous collaboration makes it possible to refine the training tools ensuring answers on measures to the specific needs of the individual company”.
It is no coincidence that the long partnership between IMAT and Vroon led, four years ago, to the development of a special CMS – Competence Management System. A tool for the analysis of the skills of the individual seafarer that makes it possible to articulate the specific training and simulation paths necessary for the pursuit of the best performance.
“For a company like ours, engaged in a highly specialized sector such as offshore, being able to rely on loyal staff, fully aware of procedures, operational contexts, characteristics of the means is an added value,” confirms Cristiano Vattuone, Manager Ship Management of Vroon Offshore Service. “Guaranteeing career opportunities through constant attention to training is one of the keys to constantly raise the level of quality of our offer”.
With a total fleet of 17 units, between offshore anchorage vessel and supply vessel, the high quality standards of the personnel, on the other hand, become an element of evaluation by the major players in the sector when acquiring contracts.
“Our sector is regulated by the standards dictated by OVID and OVMSA (Offshore Vessel Management and Self-Assessment), which provide opposing chapters dedicated to training. Being structured in this respect, with data, statistics, follow up, is an increasingly necessary requirement. And the partnership with IMAT, built with perseverance, commitment and investment, fully satisfies the following requirements

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